Southern California born and many places raised, Deijah is a graduate from New York University Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Drama and concentration in costume design.

Deijah has never been one to follow a straight path. And that isn’t to say she lacks direction, she just has a wide array of interests and talents. What has been true for her thus far is that she is a creative thinker at heart. Her creative thinking has led her to be a part of amazing projects that fall outside of her degree. Her credits range from wig, hair, and makeup design, producing, directing, acting, and screen/playwriting to name a few. Deijah believes that having an understanding of how others carry out their artistic visions is crucial to her own success as a collaborator and storyteller.

Deijah aims to be involved in projects centered around inclusivity, diversity, authenticity, and the human experience in all of its dichotomies.

When Deijah is not in rehearsal, you can find her sitting in the park with a coffee and pastry or combing through racks at second-hand shops for the perfect vintage find.

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