Special Effects Makeup 1

Tisch School of the Arts | UGD Film & Television

Special Effects Makeup 1 by Rob Benevides

Course Description

This is an introductory level hands-on workshop designed for students wishing to explore their artistry, experienced makeup artists seeking advanced techniques, non-makeup artists just starting out, and anyone who has ever wondered “how’d they do that?” This course explores the art of special effects make-up. Topics include “out-of-kit” makeup effects including contusions, bruises, burns and frostbite; skin safe molding procedures; casting and painting silicone replica props, frozen death makeup; and designing and creating a 1:4 scale character maquette. Anatomical reference and safety using materials is also addressed.

ER Visit: Severed Thumb

-Mold, Cast, Demold and Paint Severed Thumb Prop
-Students made a silicone mold of their own thumb and then casted tinted silicone in the mold to create a
realistic prop. Students removed their prop from the mold, carved a severed stump with cuticle scissors, created thumb stump with Scar Wax, and painted the prop using special silicone paints. Rob photographed the thumb to simulate an ER visit.

Behind the Scenes

Flesh painted Scar Wax

Blood, gashes, and veins painting of Scar Wax

Final touches of liquid blood

Out of Kit Make-Up Effects

-Being able to create make-up effects on the fly without prep work.
-Students used different materials for these effects to be able to master various materials in order to have a wide ranging approach to creating these effects.

Rob photographed all out of kit make-up effects to simulate frostbite, wounds/bruises, gangrene, and a thermal burn on the hand.

Behind the Scenes

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